Valley Chapel - New Building and Renewed Purpose

This past October, Valley Chapel, a Church of the Nazarene unveiled its new sanctuary.  Located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, the chapel provides a place of worship that immerses its members and is bringing a new sense of community to the area.

Valley Chapel approached Shanahan very early on in construction planning, over ten years ago. They shared their vision for this new 32,000 foot church featuring a 900 seat sanctuary, four large adult classrooms, a prayer room, a children's wing and even a café. Shanahan's role in this endeavor was to collaborate with the talented and capable membership on the design, engineering and installation of its multi-phased audio and video project.

Installation began early last summer with our technicians hanging the speaker line arrays from local Massachusetts speaker manufacturer, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) and calibrating the speakers.  Soon after, Shanahan began installation of the AV racks, outboard equipment and video distribution system. The sanctuary front of house mixer allows for 56 microphone inputs and 4 independent monitor mixes from the stage to be routed through a Yamaha M7 console and be fed to the speakers. 
To compliment the new sound system, Shanahan also integrated a dual video projection system with two 10,000 lumen HD projectors and large projection screens above the stage.  This video system allows easy user operation from the front of house position and can be fed video signal from multiple sources including camera and computer feeds.  In addition cat wiring was installed to various locations throughout the building for planned future system expansion.

Kevin Partlow, a church member and the project manager for this construction had this to say, "When we had our first walk up to the building it was an awesome moment to see everyone in one place at the same time. The sound was incredible as we sang with acoustical instruments in the background. Thanks so much for all your time and hard work putting everything together and working alongside Duff Kirklewski, a church member and project technical advisor to make our system the best in the Valley."