Spruce Up Your Home Theater

Convenience, simplicity, and a bit of luxury, that is what Shanahan provides to home owners throughout New England. We design, sell, install and service state-of-the-art home theater systems. We can even work with you to unite all independent home subsystems such as lighting, climate, security, audio, video, entertainment, and computing into one common control system.

 Filias Home
 The Filias home features an Onkyo Professional DVD player and DTS Home Theater Receiver complemented by Atlantic Tech's Subwoofer and Surround Speakers.

 filias home theater system

 Gallo Home
 For the Gallo family Shanahan Sound used Tannoy In-wall speakers to give a neat, concealed look to their surround sound system.

 gallo home theater system

 Sarris Home
 The Sarris home includes an Integra AV receiver, accompanied by an Onkyo DVD/CD player and NHT front left/right speakers and subwoofer. The Home Theater features an Optoma 50 inch DLP monitor with
JBL in-ceiling surround speakers.

 sarris home theater system

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