Church Sound & Video System by Shanahan Sound - Trinity Church, Boston, MA

Shanahan Sound & Electronics, Inc., a custom design, installation and service provider of sound and video systems, today announced the completion of Trinity Church, Boston, MA. This completion affirms Shanahan’s strength in providing superior systems and services to houses of worship seeking an exceptional sound and video experience for their celebrations and ceremonies.

“Houses of Worship have unique sound and video needs. We pride ourselves on our strong background in religious organizations as demonstrated by over 200 installations,” said Catherine Shanahan, CEO. “Our systems fit seamlessly and subtly into the building’s background so they do not detract from the overall aesthetics. At the same time, we ensure that the sound and video system performs reliably and exceptionally during important and often solemn occasions.”

In 1971, Trinity Church was granted status as a National Historic Landmark for "possessing exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States." The American Institute of Architects has named Trinity as one of the ten most significant buildings in the country. Trinity is the only religious building and the only building in Boston to be honored with this recognition.

About Shanahan Sound & Electronics
Since 1951, Shanahan Sound & Electronics has been a leader in providing full-service sound and video solutions. The firm is committed to building strong, enduring relationships with clients in religious organizations, corporations, health care facilities and high-end homes throughout New England. Backed by some of the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers, Shanahan Sound & Electronics delivers quality, service and practical installation solutions that are customized to meet client needs.

Boston, MA, February 2006