EPOCH Assisted Living @ Boylston Place

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EPOCH Assisted Living at Boylston Place is the first assisted living community in Massachusetts to install a hearing loop system. “The hearing loop helps set us apart. It shows that we listen to our residents’ concerns and work with them to help solve problems. People appreciate being heard – and being able to hear,” says Julie.


Imagine going to a movie and not being able to discern a word of the dialogue. This was the situation facing a resident of EPOCH Assisted Living at Boylston Place. According to Julie Bolt, Marketing Director at the EPOCH community, the elderly gentleman became depressed and frustrated by his inability to hear.


Shanahan installed a hearing loop system in the cinema at EPOCH Assisted Living at Boylston Place. A hearing loop is like a wireless network for hearing aids. An inductive loop transmits sound signals from a microphone, speaker or public address system directly to telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants. The telecoil functions as an antenna, relaying sounds directly into the ear without background noise.

Shanahan installed EPOCH’s hearing loop system in the movie theater’s ceiling. For best results, the wires are installed either above or below ear level. Professionally installed systems are completely invisible to the audience and do not affect a venue’s architecture or appearance.

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