Shanahan History


Shanahan began in a small shop in Lowell, Massachusetts. How small was it? Legend has it Walter Shanahan, the founder, had to put TV's out on the sidewalk so he could stand at his service bench. Moreover, his first sound truck was bigger than his first shop. In 1951, he established Shanahan Radio & Television Service.

During the next three decades Shanahan became one of the largest sales and service centers in Massachusetts, surviving monumental changes in the consumer electronics and commercial sound industries. Shanahan progressed with the revolution in transistors, embraced digital technologies and thrived by keeping the focus on customer service.


Under the leadership of Walter's daughter, Catherine, Shanahan is wholly committed to commercial sound design and video design as well as installation and service. We’re proud of the strong, enduring relationships we’ve built with clients in religious organizations, corporations, health care facilities, colleges, manufacturing plants and high-end homes. These relationships are based on our commitment to provide top-quality equipment, responsive customer service and support and an unmatched attention to detail.

How has Shanahan grown? Happily. Today Shanahan is as big as the big picture, as small as the simplest detail, and not nearly as important as a satisfied customer.


Walter F. Shanahan opened Shanahan Radio and Television in 1951 with a strong commitment to his customers.  They were his number one priority, and that's something that hasn't changed in 60 years.  Read a tribute to Walter, along with a personal tribute from his daughter, and Shanahan President, Catherine Shanahan.