Clean Harbors


The work began in a large conference room in Clean Harbors' corporate location in Norwell, MA. But as the requirements evolved it became clear that this facility would not provide the flexibility required to effectively handle small training sessions, large conferences, multi-day meetings and more.

"Once we began working with Shanahan we realized that if we were going to make the investment in a state-of-the art training facility we needed to do it right," explained Herve. Next door to the corporate office, Clean Harbors had a building that they planned to use to support their business expansion.


After touring the building, Shanahan was able to work closely with the architects to provide expertise on how the room needed to be constructed to deliver all of Clean Harbors' goals. The result was a training complex with an amphitheater-style room bordered by four smaller conference/training/meeting rooms.

Equipment Highlights:

  • 144" x 90" rear projection screen that supports multiple types of single screen presentations
  • Two projection screens that drop out of the ceiling at the push of a button
  • Moveable podium with
    • Fixed mic
    • Lavaliere mic
    • Projection screen controls
    • Capability to plug in a computer or a USB drive
    • Ability to use information from the corporate network
    • Controls for dual screen or single screen
  • Audio conference capability that allows everyone in the room to hear questions from remote participants
  • Annotation capabilities allowing presenters to annotate over their presentation 

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