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Five Features of Great AV Design
Lighting Tips by Barbizon Light of New England 
Tips to Maximize Sound System Performance
Tips on Moving Your A/V Equipment 
Tips on Using Your Microphone
Strategies for Smooth Electronic Systems Integration
System Integration Tips

Noteworthy Articles

Getting Their Bearings 
Has the pro AV industry really turned a corner? Regardless of whether 2010 ushers in a rebound, people are learning from the past and planning for the future. Published in ProAV

Women & the A/V Industry: Where We Stand Today
Read Catherine's follow up article on women in the industry. Published in NSCA's Building Connection and Sound & Communications. Published in Sound and Communications.

Seven Tips for Seamless Staging
Your house of worship is more than just an ordinary space. It’s a space where families and friends experience great joy. It’s a space where you might gather for Sunday services, Friday night events, and Saturday pageants. It’s a space where people take part in weddings and funerals, holidays and solemn days. And, in many churches, the most sacred space of all—the pulpit and altar area—often doubles as a staging area, a place where age-old religion meets today’s technology. Published in Religious Product News.

AV Industry: A Future Woman's World? Believe in Yourself and Nuture Your Dreams.
In 1951, my father founded Shanahan Radio & Television Service, a small shop in Lowell MA. How small was it? Published in Sound and Communications.

7 Strategies For Ensuring Smooth A/V Systems Integration
If you are thinking about installing a new electronic system (or upgrading an existing one) in your school, follow the advice given to students: do your homework. Of course, with so much information available, this task can prove daunting, even challenging for the most technologically minded. But, if you follow these seven strategies, you will be well on your way to ensuring your system is “a go” rather than a costly blunder. Published in Christian School Products.

Is Your Home as Intelligent as it Could Be?
Do you enjoy convenience, simplicity, and perhaps a bit of luxury? The the smart house is right for you. A smart house unites all independent home subsystems such as lighting, climate, security, audio, video, entertainment, and computing into one common control system.  Published in North Shore Magazine


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Considering the Right Digital Signage for Your Organization
Choosing the Right Speakers 
Choosing the Right Microphone 
Six Questions to Ask Yourself 
Creating an Intelligent Home

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