Landmark Sound & Video Systems Integration Company in Lowell, Massachusetts, Launches New Look

Shanahan logoLOWELL, MA-February 16, 2010-Catherine Shanahan, president of Shanahan Sound & Electronics, Inc., now known as SHANAHAN, launched a new corporate identity, including the company's new website and logo, earlier this month as a tribute to her late father, Walter F. Shanahan, who founded the company 59 years ago and who passed away in December of last year.

While a bittersweet moment, Catherine Shanahan noted that her father would be pleased with his company's latest incarnation on the web-a company that he originally started as a radio and TV repair shop during the Golden Age of television. While the redesign had been planned well in advance of Walter's death, he never got a chance to see the final look. Catherine Shanahan never doubted that he'd want her to continue with the relaunch as scheduled, since he was as much a marketing genius as he was a successful businessman.

"In addition to providing the best in customer service and innovation, my father was also a brilliant marketer. He developed his own metrics-he would place ads in the paper or in the shop windows with a deliberately misspelled word to see what, and if, people were reading. He turned adversity-a Christmas fire-into a marketing campaign by saying ‘come to the store with the wooden windows.' So he, of all people, would appreciate the need to stay fresh and competitive," Catherine Shanahan said.

The new tagline-"intelligent sound & video integration"-better communicates SHANAHAN'S energy and technical savvy. The redesigned website provides users with an enhanced customer experience, and the latest audiovisual consulting services help SHANAHAN remain competitive in a day and age where the technology landscape is much more crowded than it was in 1951.

Regarding the new logo and powerful red used on the site, Catherine Shanahan said, "When you read about the psychology of color, red symbolizes life. It also embodies energy, excitement, and movement. It seemed like a fitting color for a vibrant, cutting-edge company that's 59 years young."

Shanahan went on to say that the new logo, while a fun twist on the "S" in SHANAHAN, also suggests a whirlwind of change, thanks to technology. Yet at the center, customers can count on SHANAHAN to pinpoint issues and problems-and solve them.

Shanahan added, "We're excited to enter our seventh decade with this new look, and we think it will be the perfect lead-in to our 60th anniversary in 2011. We're looking forward to feedback from our customers."