We Are Boston Strong!

As I write this note, like many Bostonians, my emotions are still raw after the horrific Boston bombings. I am angry and sad but yet so very, very proud of Boston and her tough, enduring spirit.  We should all be so proud of our Governor and Mayor, the incredible first responders, volunteers, and the entire medical community, and especially the many heroic law enforcement agencies (the Boston, State, Watertown, Transit and MIT police, the FBI, the US attorney's office, ATF and Homeland Security) who participated in the incredible investigation.

Bostonians too must be complimented. We exhibited grace under fire and while the terrorists wanted to instill fear in our hearts, it only served to bring out the "best" of our humanity. I believe now we can all agree how tenuous life is and how small our world really is.

We all have connections and stories from those we know close to home and across the state - one whose sister-in-law was shouted at to get down and spent much of the night lying on her kitchen floor listening to the gunshots; and another whose cousin photographed the captured attacker just 6 minutes before the bombs exploded. 

As we continue to heal, let us not forget those who lost their lives, limbs and sense of safety. If you or someone you know would like to contribute in some way, several options are available. I hope you will consider donating to the following:

One Fund Boston, Inc which was set up by Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino to honor and support the victims of the Marathon Bombings and the violent aftermath. To find out more information, please visit: https://onefundboston.org

The Mass General Hospital's Blood Donor Center has used much of its blood supply to help treat the victims and will need to restock in the coming weeks. If you would like to make a blood donation, please call 617-726-8177 to make an appointment. In addition, MGH has created a giving website for anyone who would like to make a monetary donation:  


Lastly, the Mass General Hospital for Children has recommended the following for parents who are looking for resources on how to speak to their children:

A National Tragedy: Helping Children Cope

How to Talk to Children About Boston Marathon Bombs

Even though this was such a horrific attack, may we always remember that there are many good people in this world - many of whose spirit, courage and selfless acts brought us together as One Boston - Strong, United and Resilient!


Best wishes,