Customer Spotlight: The Hanover Insurance Group

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., founded in 1852, has a long and impressive history: it survived two world wars, the Great Depression, and all the changes the insurance industry has weathered over the past 150-plus years.

Challenge: Turning a Wish List into Reality
One would expect the company’s technology to be as impressive as its storied history. But The Hanover had technology problems that plague many companies. People giving presentations in the corporate office in Worcester, Mass., faced myriad issues: the A/V system could not fill the room with sound, and no video capabilities existed. And the cafeteria was used for large meetings. The Hanover had a “wish list,” at the top of which was the ability to record audio and visual, to edit both, and to transmit the final product to its other locations around the country. On a recommendation by Barbizon Lighting, The Hanover contacted Shanahan Sound & Electronics to resolve these issues.

Solution: Install the Right Equipment and Make Better Use of Existing Space
Shanahan installed a quality video system that could meet The Hanover’s needs. A 78" x 139" screen and Sanyo PDG-DWT50L portable projector (which boasts impressive brightness at 4500 ANSI Lumens) allows presenters to display computer images, making presentations much more engaging for the audience. Shanahan also installed an audio system that fills the room with a movable rack containing all the gear. The system’s operator sits in a newly expanded control room with space for additional equipment and the capacity for the operator to view--through a window--meetings in the cafeteria. The operator can also view the material being presented on the computer and control the audio levels for the microphones and speakers.

Shanahan completed the job during a major renovation to the cafeteria, during which a portion of the space was converted into a stage for presentations. The installation was seamless and on deadline.

Shanahan is designing phase two of the project, which includes installing four 64" LCD monitors in the cafeteria, a ceiling-mounted projector in a rear conference room, a 52" LCD monitor in the company's café, and supplying audio and video feeds to two additional conference rooms. The systems will feed from a video switching unit installed in the control room. Essentially, Shanahan is creating a small in-house television studio for The Hanover.

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