Our Favorite Projects of 2012

While we can honestly say that we enjoyed working with all of our clients on their projects this past year, we'd like to mention a few that stand out in our minds and why they are special to us.

We hope that as you look back over 2012, you find some joy and peace in the relationships you have built along the way. We thank you for your support and attribute our successes to you - our clients, manufacturers and colleagues.  As we approach 2013, we wish all of you success and good health.

Happy Holidays!

Catherine & the Shanahan Team.   


Our Favorite Projects of 2012

Catherine Shanahan, President & CEO

Project: Barnstormers Theater & Peterborough Players 

Projects that Coincide with our Mission

In an economy where the Arts are often cut from many programs, both of these summer theaters recognized the importance of art and music in their communities. They especially wanted to meet the needs of those in their communities that are hearing impaired by installing Hearing Loops. In New England, where the summer season is so short, it is amazing to me that these theaters - mainly through private donations - made it possible for the hearing impaired to enjoy direct, clear sound without any background noise. As a business owner, I understand the importance of being involved in the community and paying it forward, and for that I congratulate these two summer theaters.       

Project: Beulah Pilgrim Holiness Church

Building Relationships

When he first became a client of Shanahan in 1999, I knew right away that my relationship with Rev. Terrence Davis was going to be special. Over the years, we have completed several small projects for his Church. I will never forget when Rev. Davis was so thrilled with the first project we completed for him, that he drove all the way up from Dorchester to Lowell to express his appreciation. I have come to realize that it isn't always about the size of the project, but it is always about the people and the relationships that you form as a result of the project.

- - -

Shaun Crossen, Senior Systems Consultant

Project: Boston Medical Center, Shapiro Building

An Opportunity to Showcase our Skills

We had completed several smaller jobs for BMC in the past and had developed a great working relationship with them. This project was our first large scale project for BMC, and it was a great feeling to know that they were confident in our ability to accomplish a project of this size.

BMC knew that in order to maintain its excellent reputation as a national model of health care and research, it was of utmost importance that the audio/visual equipment in the conference and meeting rooms be updated with large screen visuals and online access for laptops and tablets. Having this capability gives BMC the opportunity to create an educational environment in real time for residents and doctors, as well as patients and their families. The new audio/visual system also provides BMC the ability to access online resources and medical information during meetings and conferences. It is good knowing that we played a part in helping to ensure BMC's status as one of the top medical facilities in the country.

 "BMC is extremely happy with the results and we finished the job on time and on budget."

 - - -

James Berlo, Senior Systems Engineer

Project: MIT Whitehead Institute

Out with the Old and In with the New 

This project involved updating the audio/visual system in a conference room primarily being used for training and workshops. We quickly rolled up our sleeves and began the transformation that would take the outdated system into the 21st century. This was accomplished by upgrading the current system to an HD format with state-of-the-art audio and video components. New screens and projectors were installed, as well as a new digital video switching system. The control system was updated and programmed for ease-of-use and streamlined for the layperson to operate. It also allowed complete system control from the dedicated control room at the rear. I liked this project because of the challenges it entailed due to the existing infrastructure. It kept me on my toes.

The conference room is now a welcoming, stress-free experience for staff and presenters.  

 - - - 

Tom Chapman, Junior Technician

Project: United Teen Equality Center

Broadening my Expertise 

My favorite project was the UTEC building in Lowell. Because it was such a large-scale project, I had the opportunity to work on almost every aspect of audio and video integration. Working on a project of this size helped me sharpen my skills and become more proficient in time management. It also made me focus on the small details that are critical to the success of any installation. This was a win-win for all.

I am a better technician because of this project, and UTEC has a state-of-the-art audio/visual system that compliments and transforms their building.

- - -

Kris Sawyer, Project Manager

Project: East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC)

Putting our Best Foot Forward

EBHNC is a new client for us in 2012. This was a large-scale project that went quite smoothly. I always enjoy working on projects of this size because they provide us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in many areas. Larger projects also allow us to show off all of our "bells and whistles" from planning right through to execution. It challenged us to excel at what we do best! It was a great collaboration!

 - - -

Edy DaSilva, Senior Technician

Julea Carroll, Office Manager

Project: Hanover Insurance

The Personal Touch 

The President of Hanover Insurance, asked Shanahan Sound to install an audio/visual system in his office, which entailed mounting a 60" monitor on an oak wall. These paneled walls were built directly over concrete which made running and concealing the wires to the monitor no easy feat. Julea and I both took a personal interest in this project. Julea handled all administrative aspects of this projects, while I made sure that the system being installed exceeded all his expectations. Both Julea and I consider this our favorite project because of its challenging environment and personal nature.

The President is now utilizing his audio/visual system to gather up to the minute news and information in a much more comfortable environment.   

- - -  

Huseyin Kocdag, Admin Assistant

Project: Northeastern University 

A Chance to Help out my School

I am a Northeastern University co-op student at Shanahan. When Northeastern called Shanahan to repair a broken projector, I was eager to help. Now every time I am in the ballroom for an event, I can say, "I helped to fix that projector hanging from the ceiling!" 



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