Welcome Back! 


Our team was happy to hear on Monday that Governor Baker re-opened houses of worship in the state of Massachusetts. While this opening comes with a “new normal” for operations, it offers us a glimpse of hope for the future. 

What can we expect for changes? 
Massachusetts has released a set of policies and standards for the re-open that will take effect immediately. These standards are very similar to the social distancing practices that we have all been adapting to. For the full Massachusetts Safety Standard Places of Worship and Religious Services Protocols, click here
The “New Normal” for audio visual systems in your house of worship 
Shanahan remains actively open for business and we are here for you. Our streaming camera solutions have been very successful over the past few months in bringing worship services into the virtual world. Congregants now still feel like a part of their community while remaining at home.  As we continue to implement more of these camera systems we also wanted to offer some tips on best practices in using audiovisual systems. 
Microphone Use and Cleaning:   
As you know, much like your cell phones and keyboards, microphones are devices that come within close proximity of us and are high risk areas for the spread of the virus. We advise as best practice that microphones not be shared between people. If that is not an option, we recommend adding foam windscreens to the microphones that can be removed and swapped for each user.   
To clean your microphones, all rubber coated and hard plastic components can be wiped gently with a hand sanitizer cloth. We do not recommend using any sort of sanitizer or cleaning agent on the microphone element itself as the electronics can be damaged.  The use of windscreens will keep this element protected and clean. Please feel free to contact our sales team or call us at 978-453-1556 for any further information or questions regarding these windscreens.