Landmark Hotels Get Revitalized

Currently, Boston and Cambridge are experiencing a face- lift in the form of renovations and new construction.  Everything from retail to residential spaces are in competition to be the best and most visually striking. Shanahan is focusing this month's newsletter on the hotel renovations in and around the city that we have proudly been a part of. 

Marriott LobbyIt comes as no surprise to us that along with a new image, the need for a modern approach to their sound systems is equally important.  Something as basic as the background music in the lobby influences the feel of the space and adds a level of comfort that cannot be achieved with just the visual appearance.

Three of the hotels we've focused on are the Royal Sonesta, the Marriott, and the Hyatt Regency all located along the Charles River in Cambridge. 

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These luxury hotels, boasting elegance and visual impact, all required discrete, high impact audio systems.

The goal with these spaces was to offer multiple assignable zones for clear, intelligible speech and lively music. This added flexibility was perfect for the larger ballroom and conference room spaces at the Hyatt and the Royal Sonesta. 


Our fourth hotel bucks the trend of the conventional high-rise hotels in Boston and offers a certain level ofkitsch aesthetic not available in the larger venues. The Verb Hotel is seated right beside Fenway Park and pays homage to the rock and roll culture that once resided in the hotel's neighborhood.  

Playing off of the rock and roll feel of the Verb, the client wanted music to be an integral part of the experience of this hotel. The experience begins with the valet parking area and extends right through the hotel to the outdoor pool. A combination of ceiling and outdoor speakers providing vibrant music helped make this vision possible. The finishing touch is a vinyl record player that sits prominently at the front lobby desk and ties into the lobby speakers.

Whether the music takes center stage throughout the hotel or is a subtle feature as you check in at the reception desk, its addition is highly impactful to the individuals experience and human perception. Shanahan continues to expand upon this idea and brings this new level of audio technology to all our client renovations.