InfoComm Technology Trends 2016
InfoComm 16
Part of what makes our work here at Shanahan so much fun is discovering and integrating emerging technologies into our client's systems. With summer underway, this time of year marks the annual InfoComm show that our engineers and technicians attend to find the latest products to offer our customers. Here are some of the upcoming trends that we can all expect to see along with a couple of the products that captured our attention.
Continuing with the bigger is better mentality, this year TVmanufacturers entered the realm of triple digit sized displays. Sharp went as far as to produce a 120" 4k commercial display that immerses the viewer unlike any display before could. Last year at InfoComm we saw many manufacturers setting the infrastructure for the world of 4k video resolution and this year proved evident with these larger displays that we are ready to enter the realm of 4k video systems. 
Another exciting trend at the InfoComm show was the streamlining of office spaces by redefining the modern conference room. With the AV and IT disciplines continuing convergence, we will see more and more wireless content sharing not only between devices within a single room but within multiple locations across the globe. No other manufacturer dramatically showcased this vision for such an engaging conference system like Oblong Industries. Their latest product, Mezzanine, allows enterprises to collaborate between offices through the use of multiwall displays and a video conferencing system that is unlike anything we had ever seen before.
Another development we observed this year is the advancement of lamp free, high-lumen laser projection. Many of the leading projector manufacturers demonstrated their own take on the technology. This technology will ultimately save our clients the aggravation and costs associated with having to replace lamps. Some of these manufacturers are predicting laser projectors to last up to 20,000 hours!   
Lastly, we were quite excited to see an increased interest and awareness in hearing loop systems within the AV community.Since 2011 we have been leading the charge designing and installing loop systems in New England.  It was gratifying to see multiple manufacturers made it evident that hearing loops are an integral component to a successful sound system and not just an afterthought. With this movement continuing, Shanahan looks forward to furthering our efforts to looping New England.
With all the knowledge gained at InfoComm, we look forward to sharing some of these new technologies. What made the show so exciting for us was that manufacturers took concepts that had been in their infancy for the past few years and delivered products that are now ready to be implemented and further built upon.