"As sound experts and musicians we are acutely aware of the difficulties people living with hearing loss encounter every day. Our goal is to always optimize the audio experience for our clients. With that in mind it was clear to us that hearing loop technology was a natural fit for us to offer our clients." 
Catherine Shanahan, President, Shanahan Sound & Electronics, Inc. 
New England Hearing Loop (NEHL), a division of Shanahan Sound & Electronics, Inc., has developed a Loop Locator on its website to help the hearing impaired locate facilities that incorporate Hearing LoopsThe Loop Locator will be an immense resource to people living with hearing loss since it identifies the facility, and also the location within the facility, such as a specific room, and in some instances, which rows in a facility, the Loop is active. The Loop Locator also utilizes Google Maps to provide directions to the facility. 

The need for Hearing Loops has become more important than ever. Educational institutions (classrooms) are struggling to meet the needs of a growing number of teens and young adults with hearing impairments. Partial deafness once considered "an old person's" disease is now becoming a health issue among young people. According to Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)there has been a 30% increase in hearing loss in teens and young adults. A 2017 report from Johns Hopkins researchers states the number of American adults living with some form of hearing loss is expected to nearly double by 2060 
Over 100 hearing loops have been installed by New England Hearing Loop in concert halls, educational institutions, corporate offices, religious and senior living facilities throughout New England 
NEHL is New England's leading provider of assistive listening solutions, from hearing loop to frequency modulation to infrared systems. Visit NEHL for the Loop & Listen Blog, to learn more about hearing loops, current legislation, news and trends.
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At NEHL, we strive to improve the experience of people living with hearing loss by helping you to deliver the optimal listening experience for your organization. Whether you are seeking a new system or an assessment of an existing one our certified staff can help. To set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation to discuss your assistive listening needs, please email or call us at 978-453-1556.