Last year was an amazing one! Not only did we continue to work on some amazing projects with our clients we brought on many new clients as well. Our work ranged from revitalizing and rejuvenating existing spaces to creating brand-new collaborative ones. New products were introduced and well received including a very special one, a hearing loop table. For me, personally, it was such a gratifying experience to see people living with hearing loss relax, enjoy and completely engage in the conversation at that table. One client, Riverwoods Retirement Community, purchased multiple units for their residents.
It was a great year for the Yin and the Yang of the old and the new!

Our Favorite Projects of 2017! 

Jim Berlo
This year I struggled to pick only one favorite project, should I pick the simple or complex? I solved my dilemma by picking one of each.
Lynn English High School
Sometimes the best approach is a simple one. Covering a gymnasium with intelligible sound for any activity requires a system capable of straight up muscle! We accomplished this by adding Community Professional R-Series loudspeakers mated to QSC amplification. Simple wireless and wired mixing was provided by Shanahan using Shure Technologies and the system is controlled and balanced with a dbx processor. A rotary switch installed in the director's office allows for easy selection of different room configurations. Proving once again, simplicity can be the best way to go.
Straumann USA, LLC
The existing Simulation Lab at a leading dental manufacturer was in need of a high def makeover. The existing system consisted of a presenter table with scanners and a PC/projector plus sixteen student desks with a composite video monitor at each station.
The new solution consists of a 4K infrastructure with new scanners, Barco ClickShare and a hi-def confidence monitor at the presenters table and sixteen HD monitors at each student location. A Crestron DM matrix switcher handles the routing and the 10" touch panel makes the room seamless and easy to operate including the control of the PTZ camera above the table. The challenge of all industries but most especially in any manufacturing environment is to stay current and cost effective. The necessary inclusion of an old DVD/VCR in the Simulation Lab is a reminder of how fast technology has and is moving.
Edy DaSilva & Sydney Ou
1st Congregational Church Winchester
We chose 1st Congregational Church of Winchester as our favorite because it is a snapshot of what we love to do. Not only did we integrate new technology with existing thereby improving the audio and video experience in the sanctuary we also included clear audio by way of a hearing loop system for those living with hearing loss.
The audio was upgraded significantly with the addition of a QSC digital mixer, a new amplifier, and the JBL CBT70 series of constant beam width speakers. The increase in uniform coverage into the sanctuary is significant. The customer's request for ease of use was met with the addition of a new digital mixer. An iPad paired with the mixer provides a perfect platform for sanctuary mixing of the service with musician support.
With the inclusion of a new Extron video streaming device and Vaddio PTZ camera combined with a dedicated audio output the church can now stream the service to those unable to attend in person.
New smart TVs were installed throughout the facility and the main sanctuary is setup for phase II where large displays will be mounted on the transept sides. The addition of a hearing loop system about the sanctuary ties the system together making this an inclusive AV solution.
Josh Chapman
Tsoi Kobus Architects
Last year, one of our partners, Tsoi Kobus Architects (TKA), made a significant change moving their corporate headquarters from Harvard Square to downtown Boston. I chose the TKA job as my favorite because it was such an intricate installation with everything from room schedulers, to huddle spaces to full conference room systems. Due to the construction of the new facility and size of our scope of work, it took extensive coordinating and planning. I worked closely with my contacts at TKA to ensure the project would go off without a hitch. Even with all of our planning the project ran into construction related obstacles, including considerable delays. Although not unusual in construction, whenfaced with such an extremely compressed schedule our entire team,from office personnel to field technicians, seamlessly worked together to obtain a solution. We were able to coordinate with the client to keep the project on schedule and ultimately completed an amazing office space for a great organization. In the end, it was the resounding group effort shown by our entire Shanahan team that made this my favorite project of 2017.
Shaun Crossen
Dana Hall School
Over the years we have worked with the Dana Hall School in more elaborate spaces with more complex systems. One of this year's projects was a large gymnasium used for ball games, presentations and graduations. The reason I picked this project is that we were able to resurrect a legacy system with the addition of some new technology. The existing control system was no longer functional and a new "user friendly" solution was needed, one that could be easily used by technical staff and laypeople alike. New mixing and processing equipment along with a wall mounted control panel were installed. The new control panel allows the room to be configured into 1 of 4 modes in seconds. Existing speakers were updated with new drivers. So, a legacy system with the creative addition of some new technology and a control interface that more fits the needs of the client has rejuvenated a space at a fraction of the cost of deploying a completely new system.