Our Favorite Projects of 2015!

Shaun Crossen
Bear Spot Farm
Concord, MA
This was a fun venue for us. I always enjoy working on something new and different. The Bear Spot Farm, home to 26 horses, provides state-of-the art care and structured programs for horse and rider. Plus the Bear Spot Foundation rescues horses when possible and therapy clients help the Bear Spot staff bring these horses back to health as part of a therapeutic process for both horse and human

The rustic environment of their beautiful barn juxtaposed with modern technology really interested me. We integrated a Sonus System, a consumer technology, with commercial applications giving them complete audio integration throughout.  To fit the needs of the unique space traditional consumer audio technologies would not allow the needs of an operational multi zone system. By integrating the latest audio switchers and amplifiers we are able to provide this functionality seamlessly.

This Farm includes not only the barn but two outdoor rings and one indoor. The Farm hosts clinics with some of the top clinicians in the world, offers two USDF/USEF recognized horse shows, artistic performances and the Children of the Americas Dressage Invitational each year.
Edy DaSilva
Boston Medical Center
Boston, MA
I had a lot of personal fulfillment with the end result of this project; what it does for the doctors and nurses who use it and what it does for the community. Boston Medical Center (BMC), the primary teaching affiliate for Boston University School of Medicine, is the largest safety net hospital and busiest trauma and emergency services center in New England. This job was about meeting the challenges of integrating existing AV equipment with the latest medical simulation technologies. Here, medical simulations are conducted in one room while real time video is streamed to other classrooms for students to view. This allows students to review and critique every move from where people stand in the room to how the scalpel is held, right up to and including their bedside manner.
This work posed many challenges including schedules, logistics and physical constraints. Much of the system was previously installed in a different building on the BMC campus. We had to uninstall, move, reinstall and expand it into the new building located blocks away on this inner city campus. I really enjoyed working with this long term client once again and meeting the challenges presented.

Nikolas Vlahos
Groton Bible Church 
Groton, CT
Being an intern it was my second month into my tenure. As the newest member of the Shanahan team this was the first time I was very comfortable with what I was doing.  We were working for a long time client installing TV's, speakers, digital video recording systems, and digital video distribution throughout the facility. It was my first time dealing with concrete and hiding exposed wires in the finish work. I used my news tools including my new drill.

Everything went smoothly. Seeing the outstanding finished product was a rewarding feeling.

Josh Chapman
Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA
I'm a bit of a history buff and the historical items that reside behind those walls are so significant to all of our history, it was thrilling for me to be involved. It was founded in 1791 and is the nation's first historical society. I chose this project because of its sheer importance. There were a lot of scheduling logistics that were necessary to complete this project due to the scale and complexity of it. In addition we brought on two new trade partners. We incorporated sophisticated AV and lighting systems into high profile, frequently used rooms inside an incredibly important, historical building. No pressure! 
The people that we worked with at Mass Historical were some of the finest clients and contractors that I personally have had the pleasure of working with at Shanahan. In the end I think we gave them the ability to showcase all that is the history of Massachusetts and America. 

Jim Berlo
Saint Mary's Episcopal Church 
Newton Lower Falls, MA
This year I chose St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Newton Lower Falls. This church celebrates traditional services in a relaxed atmosphere, complemented by strong music. As an engineer, I design systems with highly sophisticated technologies. I also have a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and handwork within historical buildings. 

For this project, I needed to rout beams that are over 200 year old to install the JBL speakers. Dressing the wiring so everything is hidden is routine for us. What could have been a challenge for me was marrying today's technology into such an old church in keeping with the existing aesthetics. Especially when the building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. I always enjoy these projects.

Tom Chapman
Valley Chapel Church
Uxbridge, MA
For me, this project was fascinating on multiple levels. First, we installed an amazing audio system. That absolutely rocks! Plus we laid the foundation for a state of the art video system. As the lead technician I was responsible for this project. The largest of its kind I have been involved with. 

Not only was I responsible for the installation, I had two new interns to supervise, train and mentor. Others may think this was a lot to handle, but it is actually kind of fun. One intern nearly passed out every time I went 60 feet into the air in the boom lift! We became a good team.

This was truly a collaboration by all. The church's knowledgeable planning committee, skilled craftsmen and Shanahan worked together to meticulously design, plan and install a superior end product. This was a successful group effort ten years in the making.
 And last but not least it was an unusual experience. I had the opportunity to work with one of my UMass Lowell sound recording professors, a church member and key member of the building committee. Should I tell you I had the top grade in his class?