Our Favorite Projects of 2013!


At this special time, the days are short and winter's chill grows deeper, we at Shanahan, Inc. wish all of you the warmth and light that is so much a part of this season.

We celebrate all we have received from our clients in wonderful experiences in a Holiday List of our own - "Our Favorite Projects of 2013".  


Catherine and the Shanahan Team

Our Favorite Projects of 2013! 

Catherine Shanahan

Resolutions, Boston Symphony Hall, Boston City Hall and Carlton Willard

Boston and Bedford

Each year I am amazed at how technology is embraced by different organizations. This year I was pleased to see hearing loop systems, a beneficially inclusive technology employed in 4 distinct environments, a law firm, a symphony, a city hall and an assisted living community. Each hearing loop system installed benefits a fraction of users but in reality benefits us all. As I spoke with representatives from each organization I was thrilled to hear them continually express the excitement of those using the system. As one client told me, he is frequently approached by people he has never spoken to before, each expressing their joy at being able to hear. Ironically he says he was prodded into putting in the system. He never consciously realized how the hard of hearing struggle to participate on a daily basis. To me this is what technology is all about!

Shaun Crossen, Sr. Systems Consultant

The Village at Rivermead

Peterborough, NH

The Village at RiverMead's installation required coordination with the general contractor. The project began as an installation in 1 room, then progressed to another room, and ultimately expanded to include upgrades of 3 AV systems and 6 hearing loops in 4 more rooms in 2 buildings. The Village at RiverMead is a progressive and very active retirement community. The challenge was providing new technology in a user-friendly fashion for end-users that might not necessarily have technical savvy. We installed complex systems that are reliable and intuitive - integrating simplicity into the plan. I gained a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction providing a product that improves the quality of life for the residents. It gave me great pleasure to see everyone enjoying and benefiting from the new technologies.


Josh Chapman, Operations Coordinator

NetScout Systems Corporate HQ

Westford, MA

NetScout, an existing client, required upgrading and new technology for several conference rooms. This project was most meaningful to me because it was my first project since returning to Shanahan. We installed Telepresence Video in 8 conference rooms. Managing multiple variables in a project that was in a constant flux was very challenging. It required precise coordination with the facilities manager to ensure the conference rooms were available for the client's use throughout the installation. Time constraints, scope changes and product availability made this project even more challenging. It was rewarding to me because we were able to complete the projects as required and I built my own relationships with NetScout personnel.


Julea Carroll, Office Manager

Merrimack College,

Andover, MA

I always enjoy working with our long term clients. They are like old friends. Our most recent work at Merrimack involved renovations to the Lawler Arena and the Athletic Center fitness areas. This particular project required several last minute changes. All of which required constant interaction and communication with the client.  It makes my job fun when I work with others who are so responsive and so on top of the details that are critical to getting the job done. It's such a pleasure!


Jim Berlo, Sr. Systems Engineer

Temple Emanu-El

Marblehead, MA

Installing an audio system in an existing structure with acoustical challenges made this a very interesting project for me. The more difficult the room, the more I like it. This synagogue has a medium-sized sanctuary/prayer space with a movable wall that adjoins a social area. There were "dead spots" throughout these rooms that the existing system could not cover. Temple Emanu-El had utilized a number of other installers without success. I took pride in the fact that we were able to solve the acoustical issues and offer an appropriate system for the acoustical signature. I have another new best friend!


Tom Chapman, Technician

Boston Symphony Hall

Boston, MA

I spent this summer crawling through the balconies of Boston Symphony Hall, one of Boston's finest buildings, installing a hearing loop system. It doesn't sound glamorous and yes it was dirty work but I was blown away each day I went to work. As one of the Shanahan team, my work is now part of Symphony Hall. The installation required us to cut into the balcony flooring to install and hide the necessary wiring. This is the only time in the building's history in which the flooring was altered. We burned through close to 200 bits cutting through this old and hardened wood! The highlight of this project for me, as a musician was working in what is widely regarded as one of the premier concert halls in the world. I think of the music these walls have heard and I'm proud to be part of its future!


Edy DaSilva, Sr. Technician

Lexington Christian Academy

Lexington, MA

Timing, expertise and Shanahan teamwork were critical to the successful completion of this fast-paced project. Construction delays severely compressed the AV installation time-frame. Added to that, the network and lighting needs were not taken into consideration initially by the construction team. Something that can happen to anyone. As Shanahan's project leader, I was able to quickly identify and work with the client to supply the resources needed to complete this work despite the fact the interior walls were already closed up. I initially thought we weren't going to be able to do it. It seemed impossible! The wiring alone took 4-5 tense days. We installed a cluster sound system, projector screen, speakers, public announcement system, soundboard, and lighting, and we were able to complete all of this in the time allowed. We completed training an hour before their grand opening!