Broadcasting Made Compact, Mobile, and Durable
One of our favorite aspects of working in the AV industry is the myriad of client needs, wishes and requests we can apply our skills and technology to. This summer, Shanahan worked with one of our long standing clients to build a mobile broadcast rig unlike anything we had previously done for them. For over a decade, our team has closely worked to keep this global technology leader equipped with the latest in video conferencing, collaboration and presentation systems. It was no surprise when our discussions developed into the idea for a mobile broadcasting unit that could be used to capture and stream all of the company's product and press releases.

This concept required our engineers to redefine the traditional approach of large scale broadcast systems and consolidate all functionality into a single mobile case that could withstand the punishments of the road and constant use. A Black Magic Design ATEM Production Studio 4k system was the perfect 
solution to all of their needs. Taking up only a single rack space, the video switcher unit accepts multiple camera feeds as well as audio embedded video sources from any device including laptops creating professional broadcast results. We also provided them with two wireless microphones that can be mixed into the broadcast feed within the ATEM Production unit. The final key piece of equipment to make this mobile rig a success was the ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast panel. We created the panel to be ultra-compact, while still allowing for even the most complex video switching all to take place on a single unit. With the robust design and flexibility of this switcher, this global leader now has all of the tools needed to make their outreach and communication strategy a reality.  

This job may be one of Shanahan's most unique jobs of the year, and that is, what made it a favorite among our engineers. Let's see who gets the coveted price of claiming it as their own in our upcoming December Favorite Project newsletter. Stay tuned!
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