Project Highlights of 2011

Happy Holidays!

2011 has been an exciting year of growth and new opportunities for Shanahan. We have added staff, completed a record-breaking number of projects, and become one of New England's only authorized resellers and installers of assistive listening systems called "hearing loops".

As we look back on our work in 2011, a few installations stand out as favorites. These projects feature wonderful technology, but more importantly, we recognize them for the connections they forge between people. In this issue of the newsletter, we share some of these stories with you. 

Our success is the result of the efforts of many people. We wouldn't be where we are today without clients who faithfully call us as their needs evolve, manufacturers who turn to us for reliable installations, and a staff that we can always count on to do a job right. Thank you for your support!

Have a healthy and prosperous holiday season,

Catherine & The Shanahan Team


 Favorite Projects from 2011

Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University
  • Project: Shanahan has updated all sound and video in this 1058-person auditorium. The first phase of the project began in 2008 and the final phase concluded in 2011 with the removal of existing speakers and the placement of new ones.  

  • Why It's Special: Cathy Shanahan remembers sitting in Blackman Auditorium as a Northeastern student many years ago. She loves returning to her roots and having a hand in a major upgrade that has resulted in a beautiful, state-of-the-art performance space. Over the three phases of the project, Shanahan has formed a close relationship with the Northeastern team.

Brooksby Village, Peabody

  • Project:Shanahan began working with this retirement living community in 2010. We started with a small job and expanded our relationship in 2011 when we installed a hearing loop system in several rooms. The systems enable hearing impaired residents to hear public announcements and performances without special equipment.   

  • Why It's Special: We are impressed that Brooksby Village is always thinking about ways to improve services and facilities to benefit residents. It is such a pleasure to work with a great team that is open to new ideas and proactive about meeting people's needs.


Clean Harbors, Norwell

  • Project: Shanahan first worked with Clean Harbors to install audio visual systems in a new learning center. The environmental service company's learning center received so much use that they decided to add a wireless microphone system to improve interaction between the audience and the speaker. Shanahan equipped the room with 31 table top microphones and one microphone for the presenter.  

  • Why It's Special: This project gave us the opportunity to work with Revolabs, a Sudbury, MA manufacturer of wireless audio products. We enjoy teaming with local companies to offer the perfect solution to an audio or visual challenge.




  • Project: We have worked with the Danvers office of OSRAM SYLVANIA since 2002. Most recently, we replaced a failed unit with an upgraded Crestron controller.

  • Why It's Special: We have worked with OSRAM SYLVANIA for almost 10 years. Within the past three years alone, we've completed seven major projects. It is rewarding building lasting relationships with clients and working together as a cohesive team.


Public School, Winchester

  • Project: Shanahan installed a hearing loop in Winchester elementary school auditorium so a hearing impaired child could participate in and enjoy events. The manufacturer of the hearing loop equipment referred the project to Shanahan because of our close relationship with the company. 

  • Why It's Special: It is wonderful for an organization to care enough about a single person to take steps to help him or her feel like everybody else. It is incredibly satisfying to install equipment that we know will make a profound difference to those who need it.



Trinity Church, Boston

  • Project: In 2011, we added a new projector in the ceiling of the undercroft, along with a control panel and connection.  

  • Why It's Special: Trinity Church is one of Boston's architectural treasures and a revered part of the city's history. For the past twenty years, we have helped the church meet the needs of modern congregations while preserving the architectural integrity of the building. Jim Berlo, our Senior Engineer, has built such a close working relationship with this long-time client that he gets personally involved in every project for the church.



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