Le Laboratoire Cambridge

Le Laboratoire Cambridge

An Audio Visual solution aimed at bringing the arts and sciences together 


Seated in the technological hub of Kendall Square in Cambridge, Le Laboratiore Cambridge is an innovative multi-purpose venue that seeks to bring art and science together under one roof.  Le Lab opened its doors in the Fall of 2014 and serves as a both a gallery, lecture space, and café. 

Shanahan collaborated with Le Lab to integrate cutting edge audio visual technology in a way that would deliver simple user accessibility without any compromise in the flexibility needed for the venue. 

The flexibility of two systems with the simplicity of one: 

Through the use of two independent high definition video projection systems, Le Laboratiore Cambridge can house two completely separate events or combine the spaces with just the press of a button.  By creating nearly identical control panels in the gallery and lecture hall, the user can understand how to operate the entire system by learning how to operate only one of the rooms. 

The ability to overflow both audio and video seamlessly between the gallery and the lecture hall is a key feature that aids accomplishing the tailored needs of the workspace. 

Le Laboratiore Cambridge is striving to bring a unique addition to Kendall Square.  Since its opening, the space has brought together artists and scientists to collaborate on exhibits and the integration of the audio visual capabilities have only helped in the already great success of the venue.